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On Tuesday, March 16,  the Official Board of Trinity United Church in Prince voted to support the Guaranteed Livable Income Action as encouraged by The United Church of Canada.

What can you do?

  • Write a letter to Bob Zimmer or Todd Doherty (there's a template at the bottom of this page)
  • Post a picture of a candle on social media using the phrase "supporting a guaranteed livable income #UCCAN #UCCANLivableIncome #Poverty #BasicIncome" (there's a video below on how to do that)
  • On APRIL 8th join our team at 1520 3rd Ave. from 12noon - 1:30pm to light a candle and have your picture taken as part of the campaign. 
  • Do one, some, or all of the above!

For now, we're inviting you to save the date and learn more about the Shine A Light campaign. You can find more information  on the national church website [CLICK HERE]

From The United Church of Canada website:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized our interconnectedness to one another across this country. As a church we seek to care for and uplift human dignity and spirit from birth through death…”
—Moderator Richard Bott

Poverty can happen very quickly to anyone. Aware that some pandemic-related relief programs (such as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, CERB) were scheduled to wind up in July, Moderator Richard Bott has written to elected officials(opens in a new tab) encouraging them to seize the moment to roll out a universal basic income program in collaboration with the provinces, territories, and Indigenous leadership.

“It is my belief,” he writes, “that our collective experience as Canadians during COVID-19 presents a vital opportunity.... [T]ogether we can take important steps to protect the health and safety of all Canadians going forward.” The full letter is available under Downloads, below.

A growing movement of senators, Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran bishops, and many more across Canada are calling for a universal basic income. In September, hundreds participated in the Light the Flame for a GLI effort through lighting a candle and sending petitions for a guaranteed livable income program while five vigils were held across the country (Parliament Hill, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Vancouver). The use of “guaranteed” signals a focus on ensuring a level of income for all. Emphasis is on its being available to anyone below a certain income level (universally accessible) rather than necessarily paid out to everyone and then clawed back, which for some is what universal implies. The use of “livable” signals an income that enables people to live with dignity, not just stay alive.

Never used a 'hashtag' before? You're not alone. Here's a short video on how to use one to go along with your picture of a candle to help Shine a Light.