Welcome to Trinity United Church!

A progressive Christian community grounded in faith and mission in our community. At the heart of who we are is an understanding that at Trinity United everyone belongs...just as they are. Five core values guide us: Living Faith; Inclusive Fellowship; Joyful Service; Being Anti-racist; and Affirming All


Community Announcement Highlights:

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Our Inaugural Knox Performance Centre Season is coming to a close.        Our last event is our Northern Hospitality Music Festival.

Stay tuned for our announcement for our 2024-2025 Performing Arts Series with the Knox Performance Centre in partnership with the Community Arts Council, Prince George and District. We had an amazing first season with an 8 show series that featured amazing curated artists of different genres from across Canada. Get tickets online at knoxcentre.ca. We hope to see you at the show!

Special thanks to Chuck Chin for the banner photograph


Faithful Pause

Each week we create a short video to reflect on. Get comfortable and ground yourself with this weeks Faithful Pause.