We take the Bible seriously, yet not literally.We're a progressive community that values inclusivity and reflects people all along the theological spectrum. As a congregation, we don't insist on what you believe, as much as see the call to discipleship by Jesus as one where people are encouraged to experience a deeper relationship with the Divine through the teachings of Christ and the mission of The Church throughout history. We believe the Spirit empowers us and gifts us with the abilities needed to live into the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus and the mission of God in the world. 

Core Values

We have five core values that shape who we are and what we do in ministry as a community:

  • Living Faith - we believe our faith is alive and evolving. Faith is also something that needs to be lived into, not just thought about.


  • Inclusive Fellowship - we believe that we are called to embody the radical hospitality of Christ through an inclusive fellowship built on the gospel witness that everyone is included regardless of age, gender identity, orientation, affluence, ability, race, ethnicity, language, or creed. At Trinity United, everyone is included who seeks to live into the teaching of Jesus. 


  • Joyful Service - we believe that we are called to live out our faith in all aspects of our lives. Joyful service is our response to the Gospel and God's love and care for all of creation. We serve, not because we have to, not because it's dictated somewhere, but because we want to! You'll find many people from Trinity United active in the wider community.


  •  Being Anti-Racist - we believe that racism exists and creates human contrived barriers between people who are created in the image of God. As followers of Jesus, it isn't enough to be non-racist, we are called to be anti-racist - to confront the biases and the privileges that exists in our society and actively work to deconstruct these systems so that everyone can live their full life in community.


  • Affirming Ministry -  We believe that God loves us all, and that every person is created in the image of God expressed through the diversity of creation. We believe the Spirit empowers us to love as Jesus loves, which whole-heartedly includes people and families in the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community as they are, without change or compromise, as reflections of their Creator. We believe our diversity makes us more resilient and more receptive to the urgings of Spirit asking us to live out this inclusive faith in every aspect of our lives. We believe all voices should be heard and listened to with open hearts. 


Worship Style

From our Core Values has developed a worship style that takes seriously the Christian tradition while being open to the Spirit. Our worship music is a blend of contemporary and traditional music. Our choir offers a variety of music in different styles spanning the spectrum. We use piano, organ, percussion, guitar, and orchestral instrumentation. We try to make the language accessible and meaningful. Some Sundays the style is high energy, while others are more contemplative. Each worship experience has shared leadership with our Lead Minister. We're relaxed and informal. Some people wear jeans others wear a suit. Our children and youth are welcome to be themselves, which can mean it's a little noisy at times. Together we're a family.


For an overview of what The Unted Church of Canada believes, please visit: What We Believe.