Marking significant moments in life is important to us as individuals and as a church community. At Trinity United, we believe that rites and sacraments, such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals, are three important ways that we acknowledge these significant occasions in our lives. We seek to provide an inclusive and affirming environment and seek to work with families and individuals to create appropriate supportive worship experiences to mark these occasions.


Weddings (Our full marriage policy is available HERE)

Can anyone get married?

Yes, as long as you have a valid marriage license issued by the province of British Columbia. Our marriage policy states: "We believe that people of all orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds are invited by God to commit themselves to mutual partnerships that are life giving, mutually respectful, and grounded in the Christian tradition. Any committed couple who wants a Christian ceremony performed in a United Church setting is welcome to be married at Trinity United."

What are the fees to get married?

The total cost of a wedding in one of the two Trinity United locations, inclusding the Lead Minister as officiant, is: $500.00. If you need a musician, the total coast is: $600.00. The Lead Minister reserves the right to adjust the fees. 

My wedding isn't going to be at one of the Trinity United locations. Do the fees change?

Yes. In addition to above costs there is a fee of $25 or $0.52/km which ever is greater to cover travel costs and any incidental expenses (food, accommodation, etc) must also be covered.

How do I book my wedding and how far in advance?

There are three ways you can book your wedding: contact the main office at 250-563-9167 or by e-mail or fill out the contact form below. You will need to fill out and submit the Wedding Information Sheet that you'll find on this webpage. The sooner you can book your date with us the better. Some weekends can be very busy, especially during the summer months.



Who can get baptised?

At Trinity United we baptise both children and adults. For children, it's their parents who take the baptism vows on behalf of the child. Adults speak for themselves. In both cases, our Lead Minister will meet with the people involved for a conversation about what baptism entails, what it means, and Trinity United's understanding of baptism. You will need to fill out the Baptism Information Form on this webpage and contact the Main Office either at 250-563-9167 or by e-mail or fill out the contact form below.

Are there any special fees?

No. We do not charge people for baptism; however, the baptism usually takes place during a worship service in which there is an opportunity to express your financial support for our ministry.

Can I have a private baptism?

Typically all baptisms happen as part of a worship service, usually at 10am on Sunday mornings. In certain rare and extenuating cases, we may approve a private baptism. Even in such cases, members of Trinity United must be present to witness and be part of the baptism.

What about Godparents?

In The United Church of Canada, the congregation serves the role traditionally understood to be that of godparents. As part of the baptism, the congregation will take vows of support and care both for the person being baptized and their family. However, some families decide that they would like to acknowledge the special role that some people will have in the lives of their children and designate particular individuals for this role as part of the baptism. In this case, the godparents take specific vows in addition to the congregation. The godparent must be present in worship, yet we've often used technology to make that happen. Typically parents opt for 1-4 godparents. It's important to note that naming people as godparents has no legal standing. You must additionally name these people as guardians in your will.

When do baptisms happen?

Typically they happen once a month, or at the request of the family or person. Some dates aren't available because we already have special things happening that Sunday, yet we try to accomodate everyone and the church's schedule.



Is Trinity United availabe for funerals or memorials?

Yes. It is part of our ministry within Prince George to faciliatate families and friends in joining together to celebrate the life of a loved one in a safe and supportive environment. Our Lead Minister will work closely with the family to design a worship experience that reflects the life of their loved one and the faith that sustains us. For celebrations of life for families not connected with @TrinityUCPG our Lead Minister is required to be the officiant. Other people connected to the family are more than welcome to have an active leadership role alongside our Lead Minister.

Are there any fees for a funeral?

Yes. Some families decide to look after any fees through the funeral home they've chosen. Others choose to look after the fees themselves. For funerals, our fees are $290.00 for our Main Campus and $500 for our Downtown Campus (Knox Performance Centre) which includes a musician (if available), the sanctuary, and audio-visual support. If you'd like our choir (if they're available) to be part of the service, there is an additional $50.00 for the choir director. We recommend a minimum honorarium of $200.00 for our Lead Minister.

Can Trinity United host a reception afterward?

Yes. We have tables and chairs available with different size spaces depending on the number of attendees anticipated. We do not provide catering. There are several exceptional caterers in Prince George. 

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