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Jhoely Triana Flamenco

October 6th, 2023 | 7 PM
Knox Performance Centre

Jhoely Triana Flamenco features Jhoely Triana and her band, bringing you a full hour of latin-infused flamenco music and dance. Her performance includes three solos from her Arboles (Trees) performance, which revolves around the concept of memories. The performance uses the metaphor of trees to represent how we must honor our roots and gather strength from our past to reach new heights so that we can share our lived experiences with our community and spread the seeds of empathy and compassion.

Navaz began as a musical collaboration between Neda Jalali and Eric Tompkins. Eric's jazz and Latin guitar stylings and his interest in world music compliments Neda's beautifully haunting voice. Neda sings mostly in Farsi, but she also sings in Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, and English. The mystical poetry of Hafez and Rumi, traditional Persian melodies, jazz, Latin and blues rhythms are all part of the Navaz experience.

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