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Have you received an email from someone you know requesting that you send them some kind of gift card electronically? Did the email 'feel' odd in some way? Not sound right, yet it appeared to be someone you know and trust so you responded? This is a common email scam! Here are some suggestions in how to avoid getting caught in the same.

  • Call the person and confirm.
  • If you want to check via email do not respond to the email. Instead, open a new email. Add the person's email address and check with them.
  • If using group emails consider using the BCC line. 
  • Turn on email address masking if this is an option for you.
  • Use a digital signature.
  • Forward such email to the RCMP.
  • Permanently delete the email.

However, the best way to protect yourself is to make a phone call to the person making the request.