Affirming Ministry Statement

(Adopted February 21, 2021)

We at Trinity are an ever-evolving community of faith rooted in social justice, joyful service and the radically inclusive love of God.   

We believe that God loves us all, and that every person is created in the image of God expressed through the diversity of creation. We believe the Spirit empowers us to love as Jesus loves, which whole-heartedly includes people and families in the LGBTQ2SIA+ community as they are, without change or compromise, as reflections of their Creator. We believe our diversity makes us more resilient and more receptive to the urgings of Spirit asking us to live out this inclusive faith in every aspect of our lives. We believe all voices should be heard and listened to with open hearts.  

We celebrate the vibrancy of all people who come to share their gifts and their lives, without exception and without limitations. We celebrate the divine nature, the humanity and the dignity of all people, and we strive to respond to the needs of our community from this place. We imperfectly embody these ideals as we commit ourselves to a living faith.